Don’t you want your website to be much more than just another ‘ad’ on a screen? Wouldn’t it be great if you could engage your visitors and turn them into customers or fans?

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Communicate Your Message Effectively With Quality Website Design and Development

Choosing the right company for your web project can be tricky. Do you choose the cheapest company you can find or go with a big agency?

Unityworx is a small, full-service web agency that is big on communication, teamwork and customer service.

It takes more than one person to build a great website and at Unityworx, we have a team of specialists ready to work on every aspect of your website. We don’t just build websites that look good, we ensure your website communicates your message effectively and represents your business or project in the right way!

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Easily Manage Your Own Website Content

Don’t get ripped off! You shouldn’t have to pay someone every time you want to update your website. At Unityworx, we build all our sites in a content management system (CMS), so you can easily manage your own website content without all the hassle and expense.

We specialise in Drupal, an open-source CMS framework that can be used to build everything from personal blogs to large enterprise applications. Drupal is free, flexible, robust and constantly improving.

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How E-Commerce Can Create A Secure Online Shopping System For Your Website

E-commerce is business that takes place electronically – an online store. Whether your products are shippable, downloadable or service-based, Unityworx can develop the right secure online shopping systems that will suit all your needs.

All our solutions are open source, which means the software is free with few limitations and no ongoing license fees.

Copywriting That Engages Your Audience, Drives Action and Helps You Rank!

If you’re a business, choosing the right words for your website is very important because it helps your business sell. Good copywriting delivers your message in a clear, concise and engaging way…helping your website drive action!

Copywriting is also great for your SEO! At Unityworx, we not only help deliver content that motivates your customers, but we also help strategically incorporate keyword phrases into your content, enabling your pages to be easily found by relevant searchers.

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How SEO Can Help Your Website Get Found On Google

So, you have a sparkly new site, but no one even knows you’re there?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the art and science of getting your site found. Search engines such as Google use ever-changing secret algorithms to come up with search results. SEO is about optimising web pages so that they rank highly in the organic search results. At Unityworx, we have a dedicated team who are experienced at employing techniques you need to get your site found.

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Convert Your Traffic Into Customers

Getting relevant visitors to your site is only half the story…converting them into customers (or fans) is the next step!

A ‘conversion’ is a task that a visitor performs on your website, such as filling out an enquiry form, signing up to a newsletter, picking up the phone or buying products from your store.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is creating clear pathways for conversions. We use tools to run live testing and let the users tell us what will bring the most success.

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Fast Reliable Website and Email Hosting For Your Website

Not all web hosting is the same. We offer reliable, high-end hosting on our super-fast servers in Australia. There’s 24/7 backup…uptime is 99.9% and no hidden costs!


 Features Business 1 Business 2 Business 3
Disk Space 400Mb 600Mb 800Mb
Traffic Allowance 1Gb 3Gb 5Gb
Email Accounts 10 25 50
MySQL Databases 1 3 5
24 Hour Monitoring yes yes yes
Backups Every 24 Hours yes yes yes
Yearly Fee $155 $230 $300

100% Australian hosting
All prices listed are on a yearly basis. 
There are no additional setup or hidden costs involved

Register Your Domain Easily With Unityworx

It’s so easy to purchase your domain through our website We can advise you on the best domain name strategy for your business or project.  Just give us a call today…we’re here to help you!